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415 N 5th Ave.
Ann Arbor mi 48104

734 665 9110

V2V a chain of women boutique stores in Michigan and South Carolina. We carry a variety of items from women's fashion, beauty products, lingerie, accessories, items for the home, and even bridal.


Heres to the Graduates!

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All across the country students are preparing to graduate.  To move forward to the next chapter of their life, but not forgetting what has shaped them during this part of their life.  School is a place of dreams, a place to shape who you are and who you want to be in this world.  Graduation is such an iconic part of being a kid in America, a right of passage. When we think of graduation we imagine girls in white dresses clinging to the friends they have made, and the memories they will forever hold inside of them as they expand their horizons yet again.  When we think of graduation we think of Dustin Hoffman transitioning into adulthood, unsure of the man he wants to be.  When we think of graduation we remember the great Steve Jobs (never a college graduate), and his 2005 address to Stanford, claiming "you've got to find what you love".  When we think of graduation we think of the lyrics to Vitamin C's epic anthem "Graduation (Friends Forever)". So keep on thinking its a time to fly. We salute you graduates, keep dreaming!