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415 N 5th Ave.
Ann Arbor mi 48104

734 665 9110

V2V a chain of women boutique stores in Michigan and South Carolina. We carry a variety of items from women's fashion, beauty products, lingerie, accessories, items for the home, and even bridal.


Interview // With One of Our Own

V2V Graphics

Happy September!  We here at V2V are celebrating the new month with this inspirational spread in Pastorale Magazine.  The shoot was a collaborative effort by an amazing team that included Erin Marie Miller (photographer), Madalyn Knebel (model), Jerad Rushlows of Daybreak Salon & Spa (hair), Melissa Helton (makeup), and freelance stylist, Emily Haight, who also happens to manage our Kerrytown location.  Emily created these fall 2014 looks with pieces from both Ann Arbor V2V locations, and several of these styles are also available online.  Check out Pastorale’s September issue for all the fall outfit inspiration you’ll need, and here’s a little interview with our very own Emily.

How would you sum up your personal style?
My sense of style is definitely influenced by vintage looks from the sixties and seventies.  My mother was a hippie, and I’ve never quite forgiven her for not hanging onto every piece of clothing she owned from when she was in high school/college.  Free People (one of my favorite V2V brands) offers a wide variety of pieces that come pretty close to my mom’s wardrobe of the past, so that keeps me happy!

From where do you draw inspiration?
Along with my mother, I’m inspired by many women of the past, most of them musicians.  Stevie Nicks, Françoise Hardy, and Yoko Ono are some of my favorites, and I know he’s not a woman, but I can’t NOT mention David Bowie when it comes to style inspiration.

How long have you worked with V2V?
I’ve been at V2V for almost a year now.  I know it sounds really cliché, but time really does fly when you’re having fun!  Part of me can’t believe it’s been nearly a year, and the other half of me just feels so comfortable with everyone I get to work with that it feels like I’ve been here forever.

What drew you to V2V in the first place?
I love that it is a locally owned business.  As the store manager and also the assistant to the owner, I get to play a large role in the direction and development of the store, and I know my opinion really matters.  I’ve worked for big retail corporations before, and while they can be great places to work with some fantastic people, sometimes I couldn’t help but feel like a nameless, faceless, cog in the machine.

Are the looks that you create on others also styles that you would wear yourself?
Yes and no.  I know what I like, and I would never attach my name to something that I didn’t feel evoked my aesthetic, but part of the fun of dressing up other people for a living is being able to experiment and do something with clothing apart from just dressing myself every day.  A lot of the work I’ve done is definitely my “look”, but I’ve also done some things outside of my comfort zone that have been a blast!  I recently worked with Erin (who photographed the Pastorale shoot) on an old Hollywood photo shoot.  The 40’s and 50’s were never my preferred era, but I really loved working with that more structured look that was feminine in a whole new way for me.  It may inspire my personal style to evolve a bit.  Styling men is also really fun for me since those pieces aren’t ones I normally get to work with.  That said, I LOVE seeing women in men’s clothing or clothing that is inspired by menswear.

What are your favorite pieces available at V2V right now?
It would have to be a three-way tie between The Hooded Vegan Moto Jacket by Free People, The Free People Boyfriend Jeans, and The Birdy Cable Knit Sweater by Lauren Vidal.

What is your fantasy styling gig?
I’ve styled a few bands before, but my dream job would be to dress impossibly cool women like Haim or Lorde for a shoot.

What is your favorite thing about fall?
Brand new leather jackets and boots!  (And Halloween of course)